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Movie director, Kayode Adebayo

He is very humble, smart and intelligent. Ace movie director cum actor, Kayode Adebayo who is popularly known at K Alubarika has spent 20 years in Nollywood as a director .
In this interview with Peter Iruobe, editor Confirm News, he revealed how his journey into Nollywood started. How is father inspired him.

Excerpts :
Can we meet you?
My is Kayode Adebayo. I was born and bred in Lagos. People call me K-Alubarika.I call myself Alubarika. I am Movie director, Producer,Actor.

How long have you been in the movie industry?

I can say more than 20 years.I have been in the movie industry working.

For all the 20 years in the industry, Has it really take you to far length?

If you have a child twenty years ago by now you will know how big the child is. I have seen lot of changes and I know where I started from.

Which movie have you done so far and you think is the best among all your movies?

Well, I have not done a worst movie. All my jobs have always been the best. If I should do one job the next job will surpass it.I put more effort to show the best I can offer.

Starting a career is not an easy task which we all know.So how is starting up like for you?

To start with, I used to be a good script writer,a write novels.During the period of greeting cards, I do write poems put it in printing cards when I was in school. When I was in the university I have challenges and I use my God given talent.Little I have, I used it to organise stage play, rehearsal, though all started from church. I acted as stage actor then. I always wanted to be an actor but I do think, where will I get money to buy equipments to start up with.Do I actually look handsome to compete in the industry or do I have what it takes? I started with technical crew, keep myself busy with books. So I read on cinematography, production, directing. So I find it that am good in directing. So I work more on my directing, travelled out to study more about it.

Do you have support of anyone when starting?
My dad has been the real motive behind me. No one really support me apart from him.Strive hard to get where I am because people really are not ready to show motivation..
Thank God am here.

Do you think Nigeria movie industry are competing well with their foreign counterpart in the global market?

The major mistake we make is that we compete with countries that are far ahead of us in every thing. We have culture and tradition here. What you can do in foreign movies , you can’t do it here.

Do we still have norms and cultures in the movie industry?
I can say the western world itself has been a major challenges and as good as education is part of it. One thing is to go to school and one thing is to understand the knowledge you went to acquire. If we remove culture out from what we are doing , it will affect us and our kids. Because we want to compete with the western world. Culture will let People where you are from . Our background suppose to be a place we come from and it must have culture, norms . Movie industry has a major role to play but we are move by audience. This days weeds are legalize,porn every where. So the value of culture need to be brought back..

Nigeria movie production is in top three in the world. Should we say the money is really coming in?
We are in top three because they recognise our work.We are working hard every day so definitely we will be in number one. We need the audience to move ahead in time. Doesn’t make sense when a family member discourages you in things you do. And the same family member will want to associate with you because you are made. If the supports comes from the home,the market will move higher. Let’s support our own…

Do you find it more lucrative doing this job?
I do and I love it..

Who are the A- list you have work with and you think you love to work with in the future?

For someone like me who had spent two decades in an industry, the person is A list . I have work virtually with all the A- list stars.

What project are you working on right now?
Presently, I am working a movie call” Ota Olorun,Ore Olorun. The movie is all about, people if they are truly walking Gods way. Also I am working on a very good movie call Sailors,it talks about kidnapping.

People talk about copycat. Especially in the Yoruba movies. Do you have what it takes to make your audience stay glue to the chair till end of your movies?
Everything still bent on the audience. In foreign movies you will surely know the good guy will kill the bad guy.We value them more, so it makes us close our eyes to their mistakes.l Just like Bollywood things we see are impossible. But we don’t support our own. It is not everything you watch at the ending part right . Sometimes you do it right but don’t condemn. What I am saying is , actors Should always encourage director for Job well done. Every movie has a message it passes ,some movies can be a real life drama , someone and after watching the person will say this what is happening to me and you have never met the person before working on the movie. it Is not about copycat, is just different style..

Do you include up coming actors into your movies?
Every job has a price and target .
You watch my movie you will know I use up coming actors well.The up coming actors are not mostly helping.Am one of the major people that use them more. After using them in a movie they will start to brag. Do they even help the producer to push his movie?
Some times it is better to use ready made star to push your work.

Where do you think to see yourself and the movie industry in the next ten years?
I hope to see the movie industry in a better place..Because we are working hard every day to progress and I hope to be the best director ever.

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