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Confirm News has gathered top players in the fuji music industry K1, Osupa ,Malaika, Pasuma , Obesere who raked millions during COVID-19.


Coronavirus is one deadly disease that lots of people will never wish its comes back again. It annihilated lots of businesses in Africa, Europe, Asia , America , South America in short all over the world.
In the second phase, the pressure was not really much in Nigeria by observing COVID-19 protocols-washing hands, noise marks etc- Nigerian fun-seekers escaped Covid.

In the South-West , there were lots of parties every weekends. These Fuji artistes were at the centre stage. They were the cynosure of all eyes at parties. They performed mostly at weddings , burials, naming ceremonies etc.

The minimum K1 charges for any event is ten (10 )million naira. If he recognizes you as his ardent follower, he charges six million naira.
Pasuma , Malaika, Osupa charge five million naira per show and hugely because they are competitors in the same genre of music.
As fact revealed ,
fuji music is evidently a genre of music that is male dominated. Undoubtedly one of the most popular styles of music in the country, especially in the south-west, musicians have multitude of fans and practically live like kings.

Read below to know others who made millions during COVID-19.

Ayinla Kollington

Originally from Ilorin, Kwara State, 68 years ago, Ayinla Kollington had known from an early age that he was destined to do music.

Together with his late friend and competitor, Ayinde Barrister, they are regarded to be the two most important artistes to dominate Fuji music from its inception in the 1970s through to the 1990.

The musician set up Kollington Records in 1982 according to fujiipop findings. He has released 30 albums within the next five years.

At a point, he was married to waka exponent, Salawa Abeni’, for eight years and they had three children together. When they had their first child, Kollington released a song titled, ‘Emi ni O jo’.

His albums include ‘Alakara Ofe Keni Keji Odin’, ‘Kolawore Oku’, ‘Knock Out Special’, ‘Ori Mi Gbe Mi’, ‘American Yankee’ and ‘London Special’, ‘Blessing’. Some of his latest songs and album include ‘Good Example (2019)’ and ‘Baba Be (2020)’

The veteran musician is still respected as one of the most prolific fuji singers of all time.

He charges two millions.

K1 de Ultimate

Regarded by many as the ‘king of fuji music’, Wasiu Ayinde, aka K1 de Ultimate, is a talented fuji artiste that has remained relevant for a long time.

K1 had stated that he developed an interest in music at the age of eight, though his parents did not support his choice of career. He later became a member of the late Ayinde Barrister’s Supreme Fuji Commanders band from 1975 to 1978 after previously serving under him as instrument packer.

Till date, he has released well over 30 albums including, ‘Iba’, ‘Esi Oro’, ‘Talazo System’, ‘Ise L’Ogun Ise’, ‘Tiwa Dayo’, ‘Baby Je Kajo’, ‘Adieu Awolowo’, ‘Fuji Headline’, ‘My Dear Mother’, ‘Legacy’, ‘Fuji Fusion’, ‘New Era’, ‘Tribute To My Mentor’ and ‘Fuji Time’.

Over the years, K1 has also successfully collaborated with hip hop artistes such as Olamide (State of the Nation) and 9ice (Health is Wealth). His latest Extended Play album titled, ‘Fuji the Sound’, was also a hit with his fans, with its lead single, ‘Ade Ori Okin’ becoming an anthem of sorts.

The singer gained some controversial attention when he reportedly said that his former boss and mentor, Barrister, was not the creator of fuji music. However, in a later chat in the media, he noted that ‘God used Barrister to transform fuji music’

K1 has evidently been blessed with immense fame and fortune. His mansion in his hometown of Ijebu Ode (Ogun State) is a sight to behold and he is also said to own a ranch in the same town. His garage also boasts of choice automobiles such as Rolls Royce.

A card carrying member of the All Progressives Congress. He is APC leader’s Asiwaju Tinubu right musician. K1 is usually the musician of choice at some of the party’s big events.
He collects ten million naira per show.


Wasiu Alabi, popularly known as Pasuma, is a suave and charismatic fuji singer with lots of fans. Contrary to the image that Fuji singers and listeners are rough people, Pasuma has always maintained a clean image and admonishes his fans to be well behaved.

Called ‘Oganla 1’ by his admirers, Pasuma is also an actor, songwriter and philanthropist. He was born in Mushin (Lagos State) but grew up in Kwara State.

Pasuma released his debut album titled, ‘Recognition’ in 1993 and since then, he has released over 30 albums including ‘Choice’, ‘Orobokibo’, ‘Computer’, ‘London Experience’, ‘African Puff Daddy’, ‘Role Model’, ‘Ability’, ‘Undefeated’, ‘Compatibility’, ‘Gratitude’, ‘Testimony and Advice’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Game Changer’.

His last album, ‘Money Making Machine’ was released in 2020 to acclaim by his fans and critics.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic put a lull on social activities, Pasuma remains one of the most sought after fuji musicians in the country and is said to charge as much as six million naira per show.


Abass Akande, aka Obesere, Omo Rapala is a native of Ibadan (Oyo State) who took the fuji music industry by storm with his kind of lyrics and dressing. Known to infuse a lot of slangs into his music, he is well loved by fans for his unpretentious style. At a point in his career, he usually dressed like a woman which led many to question his sexuality. However, the singer later stated that it was just a marketing gimmick.

Till date, Obesere has released over 30 albums including Introduction, ‘Oodua’, ‘Diplomacy’, ‘Elegance’, ‘Live in Europe’, ‘Mr Teacher’, ‘His Excellency’, ‘Apple Juice’, ‘Okokoriko’, ‘New Face’, ‘Alaimore’ and ‘Mr Magic’.

One of his old songs, ‘Egungun be Careful’, resurfaced in 2020 and gained a lot of traction, especially on social media.

He has also had a longstanding rivalry with K1 de Ultimate, though both artistes claim that there is no bad blood between them.

Obesere is also well sought after and is regularly booked for shows in within and outside the country.
Obesere charges Seven million naira per show. He is a good entertainer any day any time .
Saheed Osupa

Born in Ajegunle, Lagos, Saheed Osupa’s father was a were music artiste and an elder cousin of the late Ayinde Barrister.

Osupa’s music has been described by fans as deep, thoughtful and introspective. Unlike some other fuji songs that only focus on women and wine, Osupa’s music are usually message-laden and insightful.

His albums include ‘Fuji Fadisco’, ‘Fuji Demonstration’, ‘Master Blaster’, ‘Hot Shot’, ‘Advice’, ‘Endorsement’, ‘Mr Music’, ‘Marriage Affair’, ‘Barrybration’, ‘Eurosplash’ and ‘Time Factor’.

He has also featured in Yoruba films such as ‘Eni Eleni’, ‘Ose Maami’, ‘Ashiru Ejire’ and ‘Iku Oba’.

Sometime ago, the singer, who is married to a lawyer, enrolled at the University of Ibadan to study Political Science.
He charges five million naira per show .

Adewale Ayuba
Called the ‘gentleman of fuji music’ by his admirers, Adewale Ayuba seems to be in a class of his own as far as fuji music is concerned. His brand of ‘bonsue fuji’ has attracted lots of fans from across all walks of life because of its lyrics and melodious rhythm.

His albums include ‘Ibere’, ‘Igida’, ‘Bonsue Knockout’, ‘Mr Johnson Play for Me’, ‘Move Up’, ‘Fuji Time’, ‘Ijo Fuji’, ‘Mellow’, ‘Ariya’ and ‘Sugar’.
He collects five million naira per event.


Sulaimon Adekunle, popularly known as Malaika, is one fuji artiste that also has a lots of fans both in Nigeria and abroad .

Born in Lagos, grew up in Lagos Island , Ks1 – Malaika started doing music at a Quranic school in Agege (Lagos) before forming his band in 1983.
He is one of the top wealthy players in the fuji music industry currently. Early this year , he bought Toyota Land Cruiser worth thirty three million naira.

His albums include ‘Mr Wonder’, ‘Masterpiece’, ‘Legend’, ‘Malaika’, ‘American Dream’, ‘Correction’, ‘Alayeluwa’ , ‘Dedication’, ‘Proper Music’, ‘Super Star’, ‘Special Day’ , ‘Original’, and ‘Golden Jubilee’ to mention just few. Malaika charges five million naira per event.

Taye Currency

Taiwo Adebisi, aka Taye Currency, is based in Ibadan (Oyo State) and is one of the fuji artistes making waves in the country.

Called ‘Apesin of music worldwide’ by his fans, Currency is currently a Special Adviser to the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, on Culture and Tourism. His 26-year-old son, Yusuf Adebisi, is also the Deputy Chief Whip of the Oyo State House of Assembly.

His albums include ‘Ari Iya E N’Mecca’, ‘Currency for Oluperi’, ‘Celebration’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Turning Point’ and ‘Favour and Achievements’.
He charges three million naira per show.

Remi Aluko

Fondly called ‘Igwe’ by his fans, Aderemi Aluko is another fuji heavyweight that cannot be brushed aside.

Born in Ebute Metta (Lagos) to a Christian family, Aluko shattered the belief held by many that fuji music is only done by Muslims.

His albums include ‘Celebration’, ‘Brutality’, ‘Real’ and ‘Ese Mi Owo Bata Toje’. Remi Aliko charges two million naira.

Shefiu Alao

Shefiu Alao

Born in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, Shefiu Alao, started his music career on the streets, singing fuji music, before he formed his band in 1982.

His albums include ‘Kandoso ’90’, ‘Ojumo’Re’, ‘Golden Mother’, ‘Owo Epo’, ‘Goodluck’, ‘Akaba’, ‘Feedback’, ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Philosophy’.
He doesn’t rival Fuji artistes in Lagos, Shefiu is number one in Abeokuta. He has fans all over Ogun state. He charges six million naira per show.

-Tijani Adegbola @tj_shetade

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