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BBNaija: “Khloe is my girlfriend, we are getting married once she leaves  the house with the money” — Video Director Unlimited LA Reveals - AkPraise
Unlimited LA

Olalekan Buari, better known as Unlimited LA is one of Nigeria’s top music video directors who has worked with countless artists.

In 2015 he won Best Director at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, U S A, Headies award, Nigerian music video awards, and Nominated Best director in Afrimma Award 2016.

Unlimited LA, who is responsible for Olamide’s “Motigbana”, 2face’s “Amaka”, Sean Tizzle’s “Sho Lee” and others, is also a renowned filmmaker and cinematographer.

Below is a chat with him along side Online Reporters Association of Nigeria , ORAN President, Tijani Adegbola, Iyabo Aina and Richard Arthur at his Punch Estate office. He talks about his journey as a music video director.

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How did music video directing journey start?

I had about 10 years of work experience before I started working on my own. I would say I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the ones that would misbehave; the ones that are not very serious, the talented ones, the serious ones, etc. So, working with these guys is just a normal work environment for me, it’s just business you know, I get paid then I deliver the work .

Lots of your fans have not been seeing your work lately, can you tell us what you have been doing underground?

Well, it has been a while. Over the years have tried to train directors and editors, which made the work load on my head to reduce drastically for other things, and am hardly in the country, which is  more reason you don’t see me. But i am working on something which you guys will see soon. I am also working on a very large scale, so it will be wrong if I start disclosing. And another thing is that I have trained professionals, which is the reason you hardly see me.

One of your boys, ABULA, is really rocking the airwaves right now, can you tell us about him. And aren’t you worried that he might take over the market from you?

I am a kind of person who trains people to be successful. And Abula is one the those people i trained, so we are still family. I don’t feel afraid in any way since we are one. So, I always try the best to train individuals. I just put out two directors now and they’re doing well for themselves. I really want to add value to people around me and put them in a situation where they can sustain themselves because what we do is very versatile. There’s always something to do. I want to be in a position where I can supply talent into other people’s projects.

What is your relationship like with Clarence Peter?

Clarence is like a brother, I have known him since 2005 and we worked with Dj Tee. I was once Clarence P A, our relationship is really smooth and friendly. I respect him a lot. We always talk, share ideas, and call each other from time to time. So we are not in this business as competitors. I can’t shoot all the videos in the music industry. and there’s a lot of work to go around. I understand , we are all creative. We know how to do this thing. We just do it in different ways and for the fact that we understand how to do it is good enough for us because we all know there’s a lot of work to go around.

We’ve seen lots of top notch videos from you, can you tell us how you got inspired?

Back then in 2005, my cousin happened to be DJ Tee. I was always going to his place from school. On weekends, I would always go to his place and follow him on set. I used to be the errand boy! I did that for five years while in school. After I was done with academic, the situation of the country where you go to serve during your NYSC year and join the labour market wasn’t favourable for me. I hate waking up early in the morning without doing anything. It was then I realized that it was simple for me to operate the camera and I already had knowledge of most things, when it comes to video production. I just started out being people’s camera operator, D.O.P and gaffer.

Did anyone motivate or inspire you to be a video director?

No, apart from my cousin Dj Tee who is forever an inspiration. I also watch lot of videos so I get inspired by it.

What attracted you more to directing music videos rather than movie making?

At first, I’m a cinematographer that’s like my base talent. When you’re a cinematographer you can actually work on anything: movies, documentaries, videos and all of that, but the music video business is fast rising in this part of the world, Nigeria. I shot two movies but it takes lots of time and with music videos, you can just get them out as quick as possible. It’s a great industry and I just wanted to be part of it.

Considering your popularity in the industry, many ladies will be coming around, since they see you as a successful musical director, how do you handle them?

Firstly, I don’t go out and anytime am hanging out with girls, i am always with those I work with or family. Girls things is not my thing.

There was this story that you married former Big Brother Naija house mate, Khloe?

The story of Khloe was just a joke. She told me then that she was going for BBN, but i never believed her. Until i on my T V set on day, I suddenly saw her. It was a surprise for me that this lady was very serious about this BBN. So, I actually campaigned for her to win then. But unfortunately , that didn’t come to reality. The other side of the story was that people linked us together that we were dating. But it was false. She used to work with me in the past. She appears on video that i shoot. That was how the relationship started. We have been good friends. We only talk on the phone.

What if Khloe says, Unlimited LA it is you I like, I love to marry, what would have happened?

We are in African, so I don’t think its a place of a woman to ask the man out. But It is a man who has to do that . It is a man’s job to ask a lady out. So, its not possible for Khloe to ask me out! That is my believe. But let us leave it like that.

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