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ABIDEMI RUFAI: Matters Arising
When Baba Ijesha unfortunate issue was exposed by comedienne Princess through a video that went viral, I whispered my thought aloud which had a coat of difference in view based on what the laws of our land state, not only did a few people dragged my shirt; some even tore my clothes with words. Infact, a very respected friend simply said, I love to zig when others zag. At the end of the day, the law remains what it is. he has been let off the hook through bail given to him by a competent court. This is not to say Baba Ijesha was not wrong but I only pointed out the factors that’ll make rape stand according to the laws which are consent and penetration. But many got swayed by emotions and sentiments which the laws do not recognise.
Many who know me will readily attest to the fact that I like staying on the lane of realism; i’m never a fake optimist or a pessimist. I see it the way it is. i’ve made a vow i wish to keep forever by being a realist till Adam’s day.
Nigeria is full of drama; the drama we wake up to see or hear daily could only be likened to Netflix, that’s never tired of springing up movies every minute; today is one issue, be rest assured that there will be another tomorrow.

Baba Ijesha’s issue has simmered a little, the new one that has taken over ‘trendville’ is that of 42 year old Bidemi Rufai, the SSA to Gov Dapo Abiodun of Ogun state who was apprehended for cyber fraud in the US. Expectedly, hypocritical Nigerians have given him names, cursing and shaming him with all kinds of arsenal that their mouth and hand could get. But, Nigeria has turned me to a musician who keeps singing one tune: ‘eni ile ba moo ba ni barawo’ because of what i know and what i’ve seen and heard around me. For the records , i can NEVER be in support of crime or criminality in any way but, I keep asking myself, why is it that when a criminal is caught is when all these ALO APAMO resurfaces? Criminals are ‘everywhere you go like MTN in Nigeria. Everywhere you turn to, you’ll see them, but many will pretend not to see them or act as if it is normal, until a tag is placed on their head as OGARA OLOSHA. Why is this our way? I don’t really understand.
The unwritten law has always been, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. If he is found guilty of the charges, let him be a tenant of the law. Meanwhile, the way people went about his case got me thinking again. Why have we not join in the chorus of shouting ONYIOCHI to super billionaires who steal from banks through unpaid loans to build industries and live good life. Surprisingly, instead of calling them THIEVES, we hail them and call them CHIEFS; what about those who steal our common wealth through being elected or selected? We give them awards for stealing both our today and tomorrow. Contractors are seen as ‘legit’ businessmen, yet they make illicit billions from either getting the fund and not getting to site or through over inflated pricing of the contract. This set, we have never given the OLE tag that they thoroughly deserve. Oh! corporate boys and girls in the banking, oil and gas industries NKO? Until the subsidy scam appeared like rabbit from the hat of a ‘conjurer,’ we all hailed them as good ambassadors of our land. what about those around you and I in several offices who get fat on ODU in places of work? do we label them AJIBOLE? The only song that has been constant with me is ‘an umbrella approach’ to every evil; not to call one maggi thief (yes! compared to what people we hail in government steal) OLE, and the other OGA. Until this time comes which I am even sure remains like a mirage, then, a better Naija will emerge.

This is still Kunle Rasheed reporting from his inner mind.

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